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Our Therapists Work Closely With Local Psychiatrists

We know that while mental health is often effectively treated through talk therapy, many mental healthcare challenges and issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, and more, can also benefit from medication management services.
Lifebulb Therapists and Counselors work closely with Licensed Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, and medication managers in our community who can supplement our clients’ talk therapy services when necessary.
Many Psychiatrists and PMHNP’s operate for both in-person medication management and virtual or remote psychiatry services to offer flexible sessions to accommodate your schedule while working closely with your Lifebul Therapist or Counselor.

It’s important to know that most medication managers require their clients to participate in ongoing therapy services to best serve their needs. If you’re looking for medication management services, but don’t have a current mental healthcare therapist or counselor, we can help! Call us today or book a session online below.

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