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Grief Counseling in Lawrenceville, GA

Grieving is a natural response to great loss. However, sometimes grief can get so intense it inhibits daily life activities. When this happens, the grief therapists at Lawrenceville are here to help you process your loss, mourn your loved one, and continue to live fully.

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Coping with Grief in Lawrenceville

In Lawrenceville, grief counseling aids in rebuilding life after a loss, while respecting your loved one's memory. Grief and loss therapy aims to facilitate a healthy grieving process, not to rush you forward. Being stalled in the grief stages can harm mental and physical well-being. The licensed grief counselors in Lawrenceville are here to guide you gently through these stages, allowing you to mourn and pay tribute to your loved one while nurturing your own life.

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What is Grief Counseling in Lawrenceville?

Everyone experiences grief differently, although research has shown us that grief typically travels through five stages. When you get stuck in the stages of grief you experience what is called complicated grief, which affects about 10% of grieving people. If you are experiencing complicated grief, our best grief counselors in Lawrenceville can help you. The symptoms of complicated grief include:
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The initial reaction to the loss, resulting in difficulty accepting the reality of the situation and a sense of shock or numbness. People stuck in this stage may find themselves in a deep brain fog or dissociation and are unable to deal with the truth of their loss.

As the shock and dissociation fades, anger may take its place. This anger can be directed towards oneself (“If I had just. . .” or “I should have. . . ), others (“Why didn’t they stop it?), or even the one you are grieving (“If only they. . .'' or “They shouldn’t have. . .”). This is a natural response to feeling powerlessness in the face of loss, and may result in irritableness, angry outbursts, and withdrawal.

To regain a sense of control or people, you may experience the bargaining stage of grief. For some people this looks like making deals or promises with a higher power. Other people may become obsessed trying to contrive meaning from their loss.

Depression often lasts the longest and is the most common in complicated grief. During this stage, you are able to fully acknowledge the weight of your loss. Many people feel like they’re drowning in grief and are unable to see the end. Common symptoms during this phase include a deep sense of sadness, withdrawal from daily life, loss of joy, and a pervasive sense of hopelessness.

The final stage, which will be the goal of grief therapists in Lawrenceville. Acceptance is when you are fully able to come to terms with the loss, appreciate the importance of your loved one, and return to a healthy, balanced way of living. This does not mean forgetting your loved one, and it doesn’t always mean a complete absence of grief. However, there is a renewed sense of life, peace, and a hope for the future.

How Does Grief Affect the Brain?

Your brain perceives loss as a traumatic event, and will do what it has to do in order to survive. This results in an array of impairing cognitive and emotional symptoms. A licensed Lawrenceville grief counselor can help you manage these symptoms as you heal.

  • Experiencing emotional numbness or detachment from life
  • Obsessive preoccupation with your loss
  • Overwhelming longing for the way things were
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Persistent feelings of sadness or despair
  • Lack of enthusiasm for once-pleasurable activities
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

How Does Grief Affect the Body?

Our mind and body are intrinsically linked, and when one hurts the other feels its pain. So when your brain is grappling with complicated grief, you’ll experience physical symptoms as well as mental. Some of these physical symptoms that a Lawrenceville grief counselor can help you with include:

  • Fatigue and sleep disturbances
  • Muscle tension and pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestion Problems
  • Weakened immune system
  • Heart palpitations and chest pain
  • Changes in weight

What Does Grief Counseling Look Like?

Grief is a deeply personal journey, with individuals navigating its stages at their own pace. In Lawrenceville, our grief counselors prioritize a personalized approach to grief therapy, ensuring each session is tailored to your unique circumstances. Typical approaches to grief therapy in Lawrenceville encompass:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT for grief counseling in Lawrenceville addresses negative thought patterns, identifying and replacing them with positive and accurate thoughts.
  • This approach is especially beneficial for individuals grappling with complicated grief and feeling trapped in their grieving journey.
  • A Lawrenceville grief counselor utilizes CBT to facilitate healing and progress through the grieving process.

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Interpersonal Relationship Therapy

  • Grief can isolate individuals from loved ones, but healing often involves relying on a support network.
  • Interpersonal relationship therapy in grief counseling, as practiced by Lawrenceville grief counselors, seeks to enhance relationships.
  • In this approach, a Lawrenceville grief counselor teaches individuals how to accept assistance and strengthen their support network.

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Complicated Grief Therapy

  • A newer form of therapy that combines interpersonal therapy, CBT methods, and attachment theories.
  • A solution-focused technique that prioritizes personal goals, relationships, and generating hope for the future.
  • It also involves walking through the story of the loss to grapple with what happened and help the brain heal from the trauma through repetition.

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Grief Counseling for Children

  • Children undergo grief, but their coping mechanisms may differ from adults.
  • Grief therapy for children in Lawrenceville prioritizes fostering a healthy grieving process crucial for their development.
  • Techniques such as art therapy and play therapy are used to engage with children on their terms and facilitate their healing.

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Tips for Healthy Grieving

Grief can be an overwhelming experience, and while therapy can help, healing still takes time. Our Lawrenceville grief counselors strive to provide you with all of the tools necessary to heal from complicated grief. Therapy can be incredibly helpful in recovering from loss, but there are things you can do at home too. Tips for healing from grief and loss include:

  • Honor your lost one: Grieving does not mean forgetting, and it can help expedite the grief process by continuing to honor the person you lost. This may look like a memorial, or something special in your house that reminds you of them.
  • Lean on a support system: It is easy to pull away from others while grieving. And while personal time is important to understand your emotions, it is also important to surround yourself with people you love. Let yourself be supported during this time.
  • Stick with a plan: Grieving can take anywhere from six months to two years. It’s an intimidating timeline and at times it can feel like you’ll never get out of it. But grieving does come to an end, and we can’t rush the process. Sticking to a plan, whether that’s with your support group or your grief therapist will keep you from slipping into complicated grief.
  • Practice self-care: Don’t neglect your physical health while you’re grieving; it’s more important than ever to continue eating healthy, sleeping well, and moving your body in whatever way you can.
  • Reach out for support through grief counseling in Lawrenceville; you don't have to navigate the grieving journey by yourself. Our Lawrenceville grief counselors are skilled in handling grief and loss, ready to assist you on your path towards acceptance and healing when you're prepared.
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Insurance We Accept

Our dedication is to make therapy accessible to every Lawrenceville resident. We readily accept most major commercial insurance plans, and if yours isn't on the list, we're more than willing to confirm your benefits for potential coverage. If this isn't feasible, we also provide an affordable self-payment option.

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The folks at Lifebulb have a genuine desire to help people. You won't find a better group of counselors in this area!


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Life can be so very hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. The people at Lifebulb genuinely care. It helps to know you will always have someone at Lifebulb who will come alongside you and walk with you in support and encouragement. Needing help is human and when you reach out and ask for it, there is strength and healing to be found. Thank you Lifebulb.


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I highly recommend Lifebulb. This resource helps connect people to professional counselors which is so helpful especially in days like these. Its so incredibly important to have a good counselor to talk with. A good counselor will connect with you and talk you through lifes problems and situations as they arise. A good counselor will also help you process and understand things from a healthy perspective. Its so helpful to have a professional insight and not just biased personal opinions like what family and friends sometimes offer. Its so important to process our thoughts in a healthy way, talking things out and putting all the peices together so we can have a clear picture, a goal and more targeted communication which helps all our relationships. Wishing all reading this review you find someone you can connect with and learn from and grow into your best you.


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Easy to use website to find exactly the counselor I’m looking for. Plenty of available appointments and they take most insurance! Therapy and counseling are so important, and finding quality care easily has been such a relief!


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Easy to use website that includes lots of information even insurance and payment info. They offer a wide variety of services including life coaching, counseling and psychiatry. You can get all of your needs met in one place


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So, I cannot say enough good things about Lifebulb. The owners care so much and are 110% dedicated to helping people and hiring staff that care for people not just a chart or a number. This is so needed in todays crazy world. If you just need to vent, get a new perspective on an issue your having, or get weekly counseling this is the place to go.


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A really nice place - beautiful and comfortable and it’s great to have the option of online or in person!


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Mental health is just as important as physical health, and seeking professional help can sometimes be necessary to tackle life's challenges. Lifebulb Therapy & Counseling in Lawrenceville, GA offers a wide range of mental health services to help individuals overcome their struggles. Our services include but not limited to:

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