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Pre-Marital Therapy

Pre Marital therapy provides an opportunity for couples to discuss expectations, understand each other's feelings, and plan for a successful future.

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How Pre-Marital Therapy Helps

Not only can pre-marital therapy help a couple look at the many challenges they may face, but it can also strengthen a relationship before the vows are said.

Better Communication

Problem-solving skills

Discuss Expectations

Establish A Strong Foundation Of Trust

Take A Proactive Approach

Pre-marital therapy is important to help partners prepare for marriage. Such counseling allows couples to establish a strong foundation of trust and communication, two key elements in any successful relationship.
Therapy also allows couples to take a proactive approach when addressing topics such as finances, family roles, religion, and lifestyle expectations that can easily become potential issues during breakups and divorce proceedings.

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Better Communication

Pre-marital therapy sessions allow each person to express their individual needs and desires so that compromise can be obtained before marriage vows. It helps couples develop healthy ways of communicating such disagreements early on in the relationship, improving their ability to resolve conflicts more efficiently throughout their union. Pre-marital counseling provides couples with valuable insight into a healthy marriage for many years to come.

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Supportive Enviornment

Through pre-marital counseling sessions, couples can ask hard questions in a supportive environment and gain new skills that will help them throughout their marriage. Ultimately, pre-marital therapy is an invaluable tool that helps make sure your marriage gets off to the right start!

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Address Potential Conflicts

In pre-marital counseling, couples address potential issues in their relationship such as communication styles, expectations of marriage, family dynamics, personal values and beliefs, and resolving conflict. The information gained from this therapeutic process can help couples navigate any strains or problems that arise during the marriage.

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Our Premarital Therapy Experts

Pre-marital counselors provide invaluable services to couples preparing to get married. With their support, couples are able to identify and address important issues

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“Compatibility doesn't determine the fate of a marriage, how you deal with the incompatibilities does.”

- Anonymous

Evidence-Based Pre Marital Therapy

Couples pre-marriage counselors are trained to ask difficult questions and create an open dialogue between the couple that can be highly beneficial to help them know each other better before taking the plunge of marriage.

Gottman Method

Gottman Method pre-marriage therapy involves a detailed assessment of both the partners to identify the areas of conflict. The therapist helps by offering guided assistance to equip problem-solving skills and improve the quality of your relationship.

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Emotionally Focused Therapy

The short-term premarital therapy encourages boosting the quality of the relationship by empowering strong communication with each other. The motivated interactive sessions assist in developing emotional attachment between the couple.

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Psychodynamic Couples Therapy

The premarital couples therapy focuses on identifying underlying issues in a relationship. It allows couples to address and accept emotions such as hopes for closeness, love, appreciation, and fears of abandonment and disapproval between a couple.

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Premarital therapy is evidence based counseling that helps you and your partner to get prepared for marriage. In the premarital couples therapy, the couples are encouraged to discuss several important issues, ranging from finances to children and many more. It allows the couples to stay on the same page. The therapist helps in easy identification of the potential conflict areas and provides guided assistance to equip you and your partner with tools to navigate them successfully.

Couples expectations, finance management, future family discussion, intimacy expectations, conflict resolving attitude are certain important topics that are diligently covered and discussed in any premarital therapy. However, based on individual requirements or asks, other topics such as commitment, fear of infidelity could also be covered in the sessions.

Studies have revealed that couples pre marriage therapy can create impact in the beginning of any couple’s married life. The enhanced communication and conflict management skills can help in increasing the overall relationship quality and satisfaction in a couple.

Pre marriage therapy helps the couples to openly share fears and hopes in the therapeutic sessions. The couples can seek assistance from the therapist and can learn to resolve and practice new skills they are learning from the counseling.


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