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Christian Counseling

Faith-Based Guidance with Christian Counseling

We understand how faith-based counseling can transform lives. With us, you can expect compassionate Christian counseling tailored to your needs.

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Signs and symptoms

We Help Improve Our Client's Spiritual & Emotional Well-being

Through Christian therapy, we aim to assist our clients in overcoming their challenges in a way compatible with their religious beliefs.
  • Isolation

  • Feeling a spiritual void

  • Struggle managing emotions

  • Feeling Directionless

  • Lacking meaning in life

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Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

The pain that follows the death of a loved one might feel interminable. However, in such situations, faith-based treatment may work wonders for many people. Christian counseling can assist in the following areas:

  • Coming to terms with the loss.
  • Remembering and respecting the departed soul in accordance with Christian principles.
  • Accepting the new reality as it is in order to overcome suffering and begin a new life.
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Daily Life Stressors

Daily Life Stressors

Christian-based counseling can help rekindle faith during periods of extreme stress. Faith-based treatment can help you spiritually refresh in many ways such as:

  • Adopting practical tactics to put your challenging circumstances in Biblical context during stressful times.
  • Using Biblical ideas to discover God’s answers for your life.
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Marital Problems

Marital Problems

Beliefs and values are important components of the marital institution. To build a successful marriage, couples might seek inspiration from their shared views and spiritual faith. Christian counselors can be beneficial for:

  • Developing an attitude of hope in your marriage.
  • Reframing your perspective to put God first in your relationships
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The antidote to frustration is a calm faith, not in your own cleverness, or in hard toil, but in God’s guidance.

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Norman Vincent Peale

Christian Counseling & The Process

Self-care starts with us “Together.” Your Christian counselor will create a treatment plan that fits perfectly with your beliefs.


Those seeking faith-based treatment might benefit from psychotherapy combined with the Christian value system. Because qualified counselors are well-versed in the Bible, they may provide solid spiritual advice by:

    • Integrating cutting-edge clinical psychology techniques with tried-and-true theological approaches
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Bible Counseling

Bible counseling, as opposed to traditional counseling approaches, employs God’s Word as a guide for helping individuals navigate life's complexities. As a result, Biblical teachings serve as a model for optimal ways of living life. Furthermore, Bible counseling can assist with:

    • Connecting the purpose of life to Biblical truths
    • Facing life's problems through Biblical teachings
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Meditating through emotions of complete hopelessness can be a highly effective way to recover from especially traumatic situations. Meditation can assist you with:

    • Using mindfulness practices to achieve peace and tranquility
    • Recognizing your existing situation and faith which can help you overcome obstacles.
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Treatment & Process

We Are Here For You

Our expert Christian therapists combine the best practices of faith-based guidance with professional counseling to empower you to overcome your challenges.

How It Works

We aim to build an inclusive space for you to air your problems and find the right support system in alignment with your faith.

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Find A Counselor

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Get Matched With An Experienced Christian Counselor

Get matched with a qualified counselor or therapist to get a personalized care plan to fit your needs. Our experts work to identify the causes fueling your anger issues and assist you in recovery.

Online Counseling

Delve into virtual therapy to access Christian therapy from the comfort of your home. Our therapists provide holistic faith-based healing to suit your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Biblical counseling is a type of counseling that is based purely on the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to produce outcomes. Instead of promoting any psychological theory, Christian counselors assert that the Bible is suitable for most human problems. Indeed, the Bible establishes the Holy Spirit's ability to reshape our lives.

Christian or faith-based therapy is beneficial for addressing the following conditions and life issues:
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Chronic Illness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger
  • Divorce
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
If you are facing issues with any of the above, you can reach out to us; you can find us online simply by searching 'christian counseling near me' or 'christian based counseling near me’ or 'christian family therapist near me’ or ‘give us a call to book your appointment.

Christian counseling services aim at developing a person's spiritual health and relationship with God while working on their mental and emotional problems. Thus, through prayer, guided meditation, and Scripture interpretation, people can learn to cope with distressing events while deepening their connection with God.

God's embrace is open to anyone who seeks His guidance. It means that no matter what their age, lifestyle, or background, Christian counseling can work for everyone. Moreover, active practitioners of the Christian faith may seek Christian counseling to deepen their connection with God. If you feel you can benefit with Christian counseling services, you can reach out to Lifebulb at any point of time with our 24x7 active helpline. You can also find us online, simply search ‘best christian therapist near me’ or ‘find a christian therapist.’

Psychotherapy- Psychotherapy fused with the Christian value system can help those seeking faith-based therapy. Since trained Christian counselors are well-equipped with Biblical knowledge, they can lend sound spiritual advice by integrating modern clinical psychology methods with time-tested theological approaches.

Bible counseling- Bible counseling can help connect life’s meaning to Biblical truths and find solutions to life’s tribulations through Biblical teachings. Bible counseling uses the Bible as the guiding point instead of secular counseling practices. Thus, Biblical content acts as a reference for ideal ways of living.

Meditation- Meditating during hopelessness can be an effective strategy to regain hope. Meditation can help practice mindfulness techniques to bring peace and tranquility, acknowledging their current state and that faith can help overcome challenges.

Lifebulb therapists and counselors specialized in providing in-person or online faith-based therapy, counseling, care, and treatment for a wide variety of mental healthcare needs and issues, including, but not limited to, faith-based guidance, depression, grief & loss, trauma, PTSD, couples counseling, marriage counseling, life transitions, adjustment disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders, child counseling, teen and adolescent therapy, anger management, career coaching, life coaching, ADHD treatment, family therapy, panic attack, phobias, substance abuse, virtual therapy, online counseling, EMDR, EFT, and many more.

Your first session with a Lifebulb Christian therapist won't simply be a background or demographic information-gathering session - We know deciding to get help is a big deal and a difficult step. That's why our first offline or online Christian therapy session with you will be about providing you with the service you're seeking and proving that the therapy process can work with the right effort and commitment from both sides.

We believe getting access to a Christian therapist or counselor should be quick and easy. So our faith-based therapy process is straightforward. Simply browse our therapists' bios to find the right fit for you and schedule a virtual counseling or in-person counseling session online. Or call our office, and a team member can help ensure you're matched with the right Christian therapist or counselor for you and your goals. Whether online or offline Christian therapy, your therapist will help you with an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your specific goals.

If you are experiencing an emergency right now, please call 911 right away.

While Lifebulb is not a crisis christian counseling center and Lifebulb Christian therapists and counselors are not emergency services, we understand that urgent matters can and will pop up from time to time. You will have direct email and phone access to your therapist or treatment center, who will make their best effort to be available to you when you reach out. Depending on your specific treatment plan, your Christian therapist may provide you with resources to use or contact when situations occur beyond the scope of your online therapy or offline therapy work together.

When you book a session with your therapist or counselor, our team will email you a confirmation of your appointment date and time with a link to the virtual Christian therapy room. Click the link and log in to the virtual therapy room a few minutes before your session, and your specialists will meet you there.

Yes. All of our therapists are able to provide best online Christian therapy services to our clients.

We use a HIPAA-compliant video counseling service integrated into our Electronic Health Records System to provide a smooth process for our clients to engage in online therapy sessions. Booking a session with us is easy. Simply call our office or request a specific session time from our website, and a team member can book you with the best possible fit as a therapist or confirm your online session details. We'll review insurance information and a few simple policies and email you a confirmation of your session date and time, whether in-person or virtual therapy.

Booking a session with us is easy and flexible, with several options. You can call our office, and a team member can book you with the best fit-in therapist. We'll review insurance information and a few simple policies and email you a confirmation of your session date and time, whether in-person or virtual. Or you can select your ideal therapist from our website, select a session time that works for you, and we'll reach out to you to confirm your appointment details.

We have a flexible cancellation policy. Call our office or reach out to your counselor or Christian therapist 24 hours or more before your online Christian therapy session time to cancel or reschedule any appointment at no cost.

The Christian based therapy is often a long-term process that can help in improving overall mental health. It has been demonstrated that therapy can enhance feelings and behaviors and is associated with healthy adjustments to the brain and body. There is never a guaranteed "cure," but therapy helps make positive lifestyle changes. If you need help, you can reach out to us, you can find us online simply by searching ‘Christian family therapist near me’ or ‘Christian therapists in my area’, or just give us a call to book your appointment.

We accept many major commercial insurance plans, including Aetna, Amerihealth, Cigna, Optum Health, United Healthcare, Tricare, and others. If you don't see your insurance listed, we would be happy to verify your benefits to see if we can accept them, and if not, we offer you an affordable self-pay rate.

At Lifebulb, we operate without any ongoing membership or fees. We believe that everyone deserves to receive the best online therapy service experience. And we believe those benefits should come free of any ongoing out-of-pocket fees simply for engaging in therapy. With us, your only session costs will be those set by your insurance provider or our low self-pay rate.

While many practices accept only self-pay clients or out-of-network benefits, at Lifebulb, we aim to keep your costs low by accepting most major insurance plans. Often the out-of-pocket expense per online therapy session is a low copay determined by your specific insurance provider and plan. We also offer a self-pay rate lower than many practices for those without insurance or simply preferring not to use their healthcare benefits for in-person or virtual therapy.

At Lifebulb, we are extremely picky about who we hire to help you achieve your Christian therapy goals. But we understand that every Christian therapist may not be the perfect match for every client. If your faith based therapy experience is less than you hoped, we will help you get set up to see someone you prefer.

We take the responsibility of maintaining your privacy seriously. Lifebulb is considered a covered entity under HIPAA guidelines, which means we are subject to all HIPAA rules and regulations. If you have any questions (or recommendations) about our privacy and security practices, we want to help. Contact us at

Therapists that don't enjoy their workplace are often, unfortunately, unable to provide their clients with the best possible level of counseling and therapy. That's why at Lifebulb, our Christian therapists are our top priority. This means that your counselor or therapist can provide you, their client, with the best treatments because they enjoy the work they do in session with you, where they work, and who they work with.

Our online Christian based therapy sessions are all conducted by our therapist aid in private spaces in our center for christian counseling, and our video platform is contained within our HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Records system, so your face, voice, and data are always private and protected.

Lifebulb is considered a covered entity under HIPAA guidelines, which means we are subject to all HIPAA rules and regulations. If you have any questions (or recommendations) about our privacy and security practices, we want to help. Contact us at

At Lifebulb, our biggest difference lies in our therapists. Many practices, large and small, often put growing businesses before growing people. It may sound simple, but at Lifebulb, we treat our therapists like valuable people that provide a valuable service. What does that mean for our clients? While we believe therapists and counselors, regardless of where they work, do their best for their clients, we've found that therapists who genuinely enjoy where they work are able to provide the best therapy to those they help. To that end, our primary goal at Lifebulb is to provide our therapists with the best possible environment in which to operate. In doing so, we believe Lifebulb clients are best positioned to accomplish their treatment goals through in-person counseling or virtual therapy.

At Lifebulb, we are extremely selective about the therapists we hire because we know choosing the right therapist can make all the difference in our clients reaching their goals. Our Christian therapists are all educated at the masters level and above and have received several years of hands-on training before becoming fully licensed clinicians. Even among the pool of highly trained therapists, we only work with those who align with our core values. That way, we know your therapist will go the extra mile to help you and offer the best online or in-person Christian therapy.

Lifebulb’s clinics have several locations for providing in-person counseling and are adding more regularly. We also offer telehealth or online therapy session services for those who may live a distance from our offices.

All our counselors are highly educated and trained and have received their full clinical licensure from practicing counseling. We also thoroughly interview each of our therapists, ensure that they pass a background check, and train them in-house to work with us. Additionally, we ensure that each of our counselors and therapists participates in ongoing education to continue to provide the best in-person and online therapy services possible.

It is important that our clients work with the best possible fit therapists for their specific treatments. This is why we provide detailed bios of our therapists for our clients to review before reaching out to us. If you have a specific social Christian therapist in mind to work with, we would be happy to schedule you to see them. We also understand that our clients don't always match perfectly with their therapist, and in the case of a less-than-great fit, we will help you to find the right match among our team and, if necessary, provide the best referral we can to someone more suited to help you beyond our walls.

A professional counselor is a master- or PhD-level mental health professional approved by a state licensure board to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. The exact name of a professional counselor's license can vary by state, but some of the most common are: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

We do employ licensed clinical psychologists, as psychologists can offer services, such as the best online therapy services and psychological testing, that many other license types are unable to offer. Many times, your counselor or therapist can work in tandem with a psychologist to provide therapy and psychological testing when necessary to better provide for your specific needs or goals. In this way, we are able to better provide for a wider range of your needs.

Our Resources

Peruse through over our comprehensive list of carefully curated resources to learn about Christian based counseling.