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Teen Counseling

  • Get a comprehensive & personalized treatment plan
  • Teen counseling helps implement healthier coping mechanisms
  • Our therapists help them develop their confidence & self-esteem
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What is Teen Counseling?

The teenage years can be exciting & challenging. Teen counseling is an excellent way for adolescents to learn more about themselves, their choices, and their emotions.

Teen counseling is a therapeutic approach for teens. With counseling, teens participate in talk therapy in a safe environment with a mental health professional to better understand and express their feelings, identify and solve problems, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Issues Teens Face

Our therapists help you with unbiased solutions prioritizing your emotions, feelings, and well-being. Get the best teen therapy for issues such as:

What Events Lead Teens to Respond Differently?

Every teen responds differently to life changes. Some events that may impact a teen’s mental health include:

  • Abuse
  • Major life transition
  • Stress
  • Self-esteem and body image
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Teen Counseling & Process

Your teenager deserves support. Our adolescent therapists tailor individualized plans to help teenagers & families navigate the stress of adolescence.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Teens often devise distorted core opinions about themselves. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps confront & modify those distortions. This adolescent counseling strategy is often used for teens with anxiety, depression, or trauma; a counselor specializing in CBT can help your teen identify destructive thought patterns & replace them with more positive ones.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can help your teen take responsibility for & find more beneficial ways of coping with conflict and extreme emotions. Dialectical behavior therapy is helpful for teens who engage in self-harm, are suicidal, and are teens with borderline personality disorder.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy improves emotional awareness and understanding of their role in the family. It can also help parents and caregivers learn strategies to listen to and validate their teen's emotions. By working with their therapist and with the rest of the family, individuals can learn more effective ways of communicating with one another.

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Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy focuses primarily on your current relationships, how they may be affecting your depression symptoms and ways that you can enhance your relations for a healthier state of mind. It helps with relationship difficulties by managing interpersonal deficiencies that make it difficult for teens to form and maintain quality relationships.

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How Our Teen Counselors Can Help You

Our therapists at Lifebulb are here to help you find your way. Through counseling sessions, you can learn to manage your emotions, build self-confidence, & improve your overall mental health.

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