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Dialectical Behavior Counseling

Dialectical Behavior Counseling at Lifebulb

Identify and modify negative emotions and thought processes with the support of a DBT counselor. Explore our DBT counseling options and get the treatment you need.

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What DBT Counseling Can Help You With

DBT counseling is effective for people who have difficulty managing and regulating emotions. It has proven to help treat and manage various mental health conditions, including
  • Depression

  • Eating Disorder

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Suicidal behavior

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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Stabilization in DBT Counseling

Stabilization in DBT Counseling

The focus of this stage is stabilization. People may deal with self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or addiction; they usually convey feeling at an all-time low point in their lives. DBT counseling focuses on safety and crisis intervention. This stage aims to help people achieve some command over their complicated behaviors.

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Emotional Comfort in Dialectical Behavior Counseling

Emotional Comfort in Dialectical Behavior Counseling

At this stage, emotional pain is brought to the surface & traumatic experiences are safely analyzed. The goal of this stage is to allow a client to share their emotional discomfort instead of silencing or burying it.

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Enhancement - DBT counseling

Enhancement - DBT counseling

This stage focuses on enhancing the quality of life by maintaining progress and goal-setting. Your therapist intends to encourage your happiness and stability by focusing on issues related to self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

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Strengthening- Dialectical Behaviour Counseling

Strengthening- Dialectical Behaviour Counseling

This stage helps the client identify the methods to sustain happiness and success for a more extended period. During this stage, clients may improve upon learned skills or work toward strengthening their goals in therapy.

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Our DBT Counseling Team

Meet our certified Dialectical Behaviour counselors who assist individuals learn to control their intense emotions, cope with distress, and develop healthy relationships for a fulfilling life.
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Emotions are not good, bad, right, or wrong. The first step to changing our relationship to feelings is to be curious about them and the messages they send to us


Lane Pederson

Get Your Treatment Right with Dialectical Behavior Counseling

The primary goal of DBT counseling is to introduce people to live in the moment, invent healthy ways to cope with stress, control emotions, and enhance relationships with others.

Individual Treatment for Dialectical Behaviour Counseling

This form of counseling consists of one-on-one contact with a trained therapist and helps clients achieve emotional balance & harmony with curated strategies over a set period. Individual DBT counseling helps people stay motivated and address issues that arise throughout treatment.

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Skills Group Treatment- DBT Counseling

Like individual treatment, a DBT skills group is led by a trained counselor who teaches skills, leads activities, and assigns homework, such as practicing mindfulness. In this context, DBT skills group participants understand and exercise skills alongside others who face similar challenges and are inspired to share experiences and support one another.

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Mindfulness for Dialectical Behaviour Counseling

The art of mindfulness can be valuable in many aspects of life. It assists you in not living in the past or the future. With DBT counseling, you can focus on a core mindfulness skill learning to be fully present in the moment.

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Interpersonal Effectiveness for DBT Counseling

Interpersonal Effectiveness follows core mindfulness. With Dialectical Behavior counseling, you can focus on how you will positively interact with the people in your life and learn how to cope with stressful challenges and deal with your relationships.

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Distress Tolerance - Dialectical Behaviour Counseling

DBT counseling assists clients in learning to accept themself and the present situation by abiding by and surviving intense feelings like anger and avoiding premature reactions or substance abuse to get through moments of despair.

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Emotion Regulation for DBT counseling

Emotion regulation is typically the final DBT skill taught in DBT therapy sessions. In this, clients learn strategies to recognize & control negative emotions when they occur, label them, and adjust to unhealthy emotions when needed.

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Get Your Treatment Right with Dialectical Behavior Counseling
DBT Counseling Can Help You

You deserve the best of counseling support for Dialectical Behavior treatment. Count on us to help you recover from your emotional distress with our years of expertise and knowledge.

How It Works

We have tailored DBT approaches to improve your emotional well-being.

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We provide a plethora of online Dialectical Behavior counseling services. We have licensed DBT counselors specializing in Dialectical Behavioral therapy with tailored approaches. Watch out for your ideal therapist right now!

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Delve into virtual counseling for your Dialectical Behavior issue from the comfort of your home. Our therapists provide holistic support to help you regulate emotions & overcome distress. Take the first step on your road to recovery right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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DBT counseling is a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps people who have emotional dysregulation such as in borderline personality disorder, and makes them understand how their beliefs influence their feelings and behaviors.

Dialectical behavior counseling is mainly focused on supporting people who have trouble controlling and regulating their emotions. In addition, DBT has demonstrated efficacy in the getting rid of a variety of mental health issue, including:

  • Disorder of the borderline personality (BPD)
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Trauma-related stress disorder (PTSD)

Numerous studies have shown that DBT counseling is effective in treating patients' mental health issues. Particularly for those with borderline personality disorder, DBT has the following effects:

  • Less anger and self-harming behavior
  • Less days spent hospitalized as an inpatient
  • Less abuse of alcohol and drugs behaviors
  • Reduction in depressed symptoms

Although there is a fixed period, the typical duration of dialectical behavior counseling is between six and twelve months. However, because each person is different. Mental health issues are complicated after a year of DBT, you shouldn't anticipate being totally free of symptoms or having troublesome behaviors. Many therapists think that it can frequently take several years to treat borderline personality disorder in particular.

No. Dialectical behavior counseling is used to treat patients with multiple diagnoses who struggle with emotional dysregulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal relationships, and impulsivity. While it was initially developed for BPD patients who were chronically suicidal and self-harming, DBT counselling is now used to treat BPD patients who struggle with these issues as well.

The two main DBT techniques are “validation” and “problem-solving.” Interventions that support the patient's behavior and responses as understandable in light of her existing life situation and that demonstrate an awareness of her challenges and pain surround attempts to assist change.

Dialectical behavior counseling may not be effective for everyone even though it can have various benefits. The following are some complaints and possible DBT limitations: The therapy necessitates a sizable time investment in terms of attendance and homework. Not everyone can or will accept doing their homework on a regular basis.

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